Real Estate Franchisees

• MP Group Business Model

We understand that there are factors that influence the development of a business, but there is a prevailing factor when it comes to persevering and this factor is oneself, in other words, you can control and decide if you want to develop a job or a business.

Our goal is the constant search for new development opportunities to build and grow the business.

• MP Group Franchise Model

Our franchisee proposes a model that allows to grow independently and with the minimum business risk.

• Benefits of being part of MP Group

Developing independently but with the support of a trade name helps to achieve higher goals and in less time. The positioning of MP Group opens doors to continuous growth.


MP Group offers you to have your own professional and modern real estate website, and furthermore you count with the Group’s central portal to expand in different markets.


MP Group develops a continuous online training program. The material is always available to you, and updated on the MP Group Intranet.


At MP Group we have our own real estate software that has been developed by a team of professionals and programming technicians who are experts in the real estate sector.

Our 16 years of experience in the real estate sector allow us to know the needs of our clients and real estate professionals, thus offering a product that meets the expectations of the current international market.


  • Automatic information crossing at the end of the entry of a property showing a list of all interested clients. Very useful tool to get the property in exclusive.
  • Data crossings of geolocated properties by multiple filters.
  • Geolocation of properties and demands.
  • Automatic posting in almost all real estate portals (free and paid).
  • Customer management (buyers and sellers), properties and demands.
  • Customer visits statistics including feedback.
  • Property file automatically translated in English, Catalan, Galician, French and Spanish.
  • Automatic mail sending with visit reminder 2 hours before.
  • 100% Online
  • Backups
  • Technical support through different platforms (telephone, email, WhatsApp and Webex).
  • User Account Control with authorization levels.
  • Users: 5-10.
  • Email Accounts: 5-10.


You will have access to an intranet with everything you need for real estate management, from contracts or mandates, to details of agreements, training or tools.


Quality real estate services doted with the best tools and work methodology, thus covering different countries to multiply your opportunities of operations with agents from other offices in your local market, in your country and around the world.


Being a member of the MP Group franchise, you have advice whenever necessary, before, after, or during any operation. Our experience and knowledge in the sector will make you feel the security of doing the right thing.


• Canon and Royalty Plans

Accepted: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

• Technology that MP Group puts at the service of its Franchisees

We have our own real estate software and our own design platforms, as well as international marketing tools.

• Is my profile suitable for this business?

We understand that there are different profiles that share ideal characteristics to be a successful franchisee with MP Group.

People capable of developing a common project, forming both a personal and team growth. People who have a clear vision and who focus on the efficiency and innovation of the business they want to have.