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In ONLINE FORMAT we maintain an excellent print run selected by Digital Marketing with Data Bases certified by International SURVEYMONKEY.
Segmented Data Bases for a high standing sector, covering the following countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Puerto Rico, USA (Miami), Spain and France. Being able to facilitate reports in real time of the distribution in each city.


The benefits of online distribution


Consumption habits are changing every day and the Internet is presented as an opportunity for many sectors and the commercial distribution has not been left out of this phenomenon.

The possibilities offered by the network to facilitate our daily life are unimaginable.

In short, society is changing and new habits are leading to new behaviors that make the online channel a very interesting alternative.

As a result, commercial distribution companies can not turn their backs on this new IT-driven scenario.


Main advantages of companies when marketing on the Internet


  • Possibility of global access and expansion of demand: increase the number of Internet users and increase the size of the company by eliminating geographical and logistical barriers.
  • Customization and long-term relationships for the ability to interact with customers on an ongoing basis.
  • The immediacy of products available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Possibility of economies of scale due to the huge volume of business and the potential of new customers.


Main advantages of consumers when selling on the Internet


  • Availability of great information, immediacy and complete online availability.
  • Easier to make price comparisons and a qualitative increase in competition in the market.
  • Comfort because it is associated not only with the process of seeking information and selecting products, but also with purchasing and transport.

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