Printed Distribution

A look at our printed distribution …


Magazine oriented for a high standing sector.

Implemented in PRINTED and ONLINE format in Spain and Uruguay; and in ONLINE FORMAT we cover the following countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Puerto Rico, USA (Miami), Spain and France. 


  •  Airports
  •  Travel agency
  •  Tourism agencies
  •  Architects
  • Residential areas and first level Towers
  • Consumers segmented by high socioeconomic status
  •  Banks – Main Branches –
  •  Integral Reforms Bathrooms and Kitchens
  •  Contractors
  •  Interior Decoration
  •  Developers and Promoters
  •  4 and 5 star hotels
  •  High standing real estate
  •  Investors and Developers
  •  Furniture and Equipment
  •  Malls

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