Single Fee

Single fee for Real Estate Service


Within our real estate services we do more than put the flat on the sales websites; as real estate professionals, we advise, market and publicize the properties in a personalized way, adapting to the requirements of each particular case, given that each family has a different reason to make the decision to sell a property.


Once the buyer is found, we negotiate and evaluate different possibilities for mediation to be effective, ensuring the economic interests of our client who, through a written agreement, hires us, being in this case the owner of the property.


We offer transparency, security and peace of mind during the entire transaction process; thus charging a fee only if the operation occurs.


Both for new construction and second-hand properties, our fee  are 3% plus taxes, which in this service will be absorbed by the seller who agrees to our services; leaving the buyer completely exempt from payments, in concept of fees for real estate services.


Finally, the fees are charged at the time of the sale and by bank transfer.

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