Fee  for Integral Service of Personal Shopper.


It consists in offering a global service that covers commercial, technical, financial and legal management, saving you time and money.


The first step we take as a Real Estate Personal Shopper is an in-depth interview and an analysis of the buyer’s needs and wishes.

From this moment and in a professional and personalized way, we locate properties, visit them previously and discard those that do not meet all the requirements.


Second step we establish a representation commitment, how Real Estate Shopper, we negotiate on your behalf the best conditions of purchase.


Third step we present the buyer with an initial report with the selection of selected properties, including an economic analysis, financial and taxation of the purchase, with incorporation of real market studies.


Fourth step we prepare a legal and technical report of the finalist property.

That is, we verify registration charges, urban qualification and technical characteristics of the building.

We contact financial institutions to obtain financing for both domestic and foreign clients, if needed.

We manage the obtaining of the NIE (Identification number of foreigners in Spain).

We accompany you throughout the process, coordinating all aspects of the sale and closing.

We include in all our services full legal assistance, including taxation studies.


Our services of Real Estate Personal Shopper do not end with the purchase of the house, since later we advise you in post-sale management, asset  and property administration.


Our fee  are 5% plus VAT (five percent plus taxes), which in this service will be absorbed by the buyer who agrees to our services; leaving the seller completely exempt from payments, in concept of fees  for real estate services.


Finally, the fees are charged at the time of the sale and by bank transfer.

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