Basic Fee

Fee  for Basic Service of Personal Shopper.


It consists of assisting the buyer in a personalized way during the search, negotiation and closing of the purchase of a property, this is done with a clear positioning in favor of the buyer.


The client will be informed from the first instance of the work system.


We offer transparency, security and peacefulnes  during the entire transaction process; thus charging a fee only if the operation occurs.


Both for new homes and second hand homes that do not exceed 500 thousand euros in price, our fees are fixed and not by percentage, being an amount of € 5,000.- plus VAT, which in this service will be absorbed by the buyer who agrees to our services; leaving the seller completely exempt from payments, in concept of fees for real estate services.


For homes with a value greater than 500 thousand euros, our fees are 1% of the sales price plus VAT.


Finally, the fees are charged at the time of the sale and by bank transfer.


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