Grow in the face of adversity

  • 24 marzo, 2020
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A crisis, of whatever type, is a turning point and therefore we can never remain the same, we either sank or we rose.

Reinventing oneself does not mean changing who we are but changing the way of being and being in the world. To achieve this, it is essential to get out of our comfort zone, of our known environment, which in many occasions can generate fear and anguish.

It is not about starting from scratch, it is about changing our mentality and to achieve this humility and courage are necessary, and for this reason I understand that reinvention goes hand in hand with inner growth.

There are those who have a higher risk self-regulation making it less difficult to dare more in life and there are those who even have a deeper motivation to take the step amid uncertainty.

Starting again causes a very important and positive change in mentality, because we are more aware of our abilities, which translates into an increase in self-confidence, being this one of the key elements for any achievement.

The “click” that gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, is that point of inspiring dissatisfaction, it is there that we discover the need to take our life to another level.

We all must be conscious that if we do not make the decision to move forward ourselves, we will not move on.

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