Worth Reforming ?

  • 13 marzo, 2020
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Before starting to renovate the house you must take into account at least two factors, first if you have the money to reform the home and secondly what will bring a reform to the property, therefore to its sale price.

The former is basic, if you do not have money for the reform you will have to ask for a loan which entails paying an interest and this additional cost will have to be subtracted from the benefit you will get.

The second point has to do with the work itself, because beyond the location, which is a key factor, there are other preponderant factors when choosing a home, such as, for example, the natural light of the house, spaciousness of the rooms, a Spacious and renovated kitchen, renovated and comfortable bathrooms and additional facilities such as swimming pools and gardens.

Something very common is to change the distribution of the house to create new spaces, for example long corridors, small rooms, small kitchens, create more open spaces, etc. It is about re-adapting the space of the house to match the standard buyer.

Any housing reform to sell it more at a higher price should be steered towards these elements.

There are those who prefer that the house is not renovated to be able to reform it to their liking, however, this is only part of the market, other buyers prefer a house that is ready to move into.

A previous housing reform can mean a revaluation of between 10% and 20% of the sale price. In addition, it serves to accelerate the sale process once the property is released to the market, although for this you will also need more time and patience.

The alternative to a comprehensive reform is what is known as a “house facelift”, in other words, paint and leave the house in a neat state, changing even the decoration to make it more attractive and give a good first impression, since the purchase of a house has a huge psychological component and the emotions of that first impression will condition the perception of the rest of the house and its price.

Both options always contribute to generate a good first impression.

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